Online reviews are now more important than ever for businesses. Thanks to the rise of social media, online review sites like Reliable Reviews, Google, Facebook, and Yelp have become a key factor in how customers choose where to spend their money. As such, businesses must build their online presence and encourage potential customers to leave reviews.

This blog post will introduce online reviews, explore why online reviews matter so much today, tips on how you can build your business through online reviews.

What Is An Online Review?

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An online review refers to feedback and comments posted by customers on a third-party website regarding a product, service, or business they have used. Online reviews are an essential part of the eCommerce landscape today and, in some cases, even more, important than the product itself.

According to research, as many as 91% of consumers say that online reviews influence their buying decisions. This means that online reviews often decide whether a potential customer will choose your business or go with a competitor. Thus, businesses must encourage their customers to write online reviews.

Difference Between Online Reviews And Feedback

While both terms refer to customers sharing their experiences and opinions with others, they have a few differences. First and foremost, feedback occurs through conversation, while reviews are usually published on a third-party website. 

While reviews are often more formal than feedback, they are also more public and visible, which makes them more important. Reviews are also usually more lengthy than feedback and can include a variety of details and aspects.

Why Do Online Reviews Matter?

Online reviews can be a critical part of your business. For example, 96% of shoppers say online reviews are helpful when deciding what to buy and 91% say online reviews are helpful when deciding where to shop. The number of online reviews will only keep going up, so you’ll need to make sure that your business is ready for that growth. Giving customers an easy way to leave reviews can ensure you get more positive reviews. 

As you collect reviews, you’ll also need to make sure you are monitoring them. You can do this by checking your online presence, like the ones on Yelp or Google.

Tips For Encouraging Online Reviews

  • Be present on review sites. The most common way for customers to leave their reviews is by visiting the websites of third-party review sites like Reliable Reviews, Yelp, Google, or TripAdvisor. It is important to be present on these sites as it will help your business get more exposure and drive more traffic. 
  • Build a great product. This is the foundation for attracting positive reviews. You need to ensure that you are offering something that is useful and solves your customers’ problems.
  • Offer great customer service. Customers who have had a great experience with you will be far more likely to leave a review.
  • Get your management on board. The best way to encourage reviews is to get your management team on board.
  • Build a system to track your reviews. No matter what you do to encourage reviews, you can’t get them if customers can’t find them.
  • Respond to your negative reviews.  Not all reviews have to be positive. Negative reviews can be a huge opportunity to turn a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied one.

How To Track Reviews

Google Search Console: This is a free tool from Google that will help you track any reviews that appear on Google. You’ll also be able to see which ones you were able to remove from the first page.

Internet monitoring: You can also use online monitoring software that can help you track and respond to reviews. This will allow you to see all reviews for your brand or products online and respond to them accordingly.

Building Your Business Through Reviews

Now that you understand the importance of online reviews, it is time to start building your business through reviews. 

Use Reviews To Improve Existing Products

Another great way to use reviews is to improve your existing products. Have you ever noticed that when you are reading reviews, many times people will say, “I wish they had this” or “They need to improve on that”? Those are great indications that you can use to make your product better. 

If you are getting feedback that your customers are wishing your product had a certain feature or were wishing there was something else included, that is a clear sign that you need to act. This feedback will help you improve your products and ultimately, it will help you boost your sales.

Use Reviews To Develop New Products

Reviews can also help you to develop new products. You must pay attention to the feedback you are getting from your customers, even if they are saying that they like what you have but wish that it did something else. You can use this information to develop new products and expand your business even further. 

This can also help you to create entirely new product lines that are based on customer feedback. For example, if you are getting a lot of feedback about your headphones being too expensive, you can use this information to develop a lower-cost product line. This will help you to expand your customer base and see higher sales in the long run.

Build Customer Relationships

Reviews are also a great way to build customer relationships. If you are getting positive feedback on your products or customer service, you really should thank the customers who took the time to leave a review. 

This will help you to build customer relationships and engage with customers. It will also show customers that you appreciate their feedback, which can lead to more positive reviews in the future.

Analyze The Profile Of Customers

Finally, you can use reviews to analyze the profile of your customers. You can look through reviews and see who is leaving feedback and what they are saying. This will help you to better understand who your customers are and allow you to better target them. This will ultimately lead to higher sales since you know what your customers want. 

By analyzing reviews, you can see what your customers’ needs and desires are. You can also see what other customers are saying about your products, providing valuable insight into how you can improve. Ultimately, reviews will help you to better serve your customers and provide the best experience possible.

Online Reviews Can Be A Double-Edged Sword

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Online reviews are an important part of the modern business landscape, but they can also be a double-edged sword. While they can be a great way to attract new customers, they can also be a source of frustration and anxiety. This is especially true for small businesses attempting to grow their online presence and get more customers. Positive reviews can help your business, negative reviews can hurt your reputation.

Try to be as transparent as possible when you are dealing with negative reviews and make sure you respond to them. This will help you minimize the damage that a bad review can do.


If your business is going to thrive in the modern economy, you need to have a digital presence. And that digital presence needs to be in the form of reviews. These days, customers will often go to Google or other review sites before they even know what you’re called.

This means that you need a strong digital presence—and the best way to build that presence is through reviews. Hopefully, this post has inspired you to take action and start getting more reviews. After all, online reviews have become a key factor in how customers choose where to spend their money.

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