Searching for top online review blogs is a crucial part of your content strategy. Reviews are the most trusted form of content by users. A blog with high-quality content and active site visitors is the best place to build trust in your brand as an authoritative source of information. 

People will trust you more if you have a large and engaged audience who shares their experiences and reviews about your company or service. In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having an online review campaign, and how to choose the right one for your business. Let’s get started!

What is an Online Review?

Online reviews are pieces of content that users post about a product, brand, or service on online platforms like blogs, forums, social media, and e-commerce websites. They are written by users who either like or dislike the product or service. 

Online review platforms allow users to write reviews about products and share their experiences with other customers. The platform collects user-generated content and displays it on its website, allowing customers to read and write reviews about products, brands, and services.

Importance of Having Online Review Campaign

There are many benefits to running an online review campaign and using online review metrics to track your success. First and foremost, it is important to understand the metrics that are important for driving sales for your business. Users will trust and purchase from brands and products that have high-quality reviews. 

In other words, having more, and more-positive reviews about your business will make you seem more trustworthy. This will help increase sales, increase brand trust and loyalty, and improve SEO rankings for your company’s online presence.

Advantages of Online Review Campaign

Increased Traffic

Many businesses worry about their site visitors leaving the site because they don’t find the content useful. Most of the time, these people are the ones who can influence other people to also leave the site. 

With an online review campaign, you can get these skeptical visitors to return to your site again and again by leaving a review and telling their friends about the great experiences they had on your site. A study conducted by BrightReviews found that 94% of people trust online reviews. 

If you get your visitors to leave reviews, you can get them back each time they leave the site by encouraging them to write a review of their own. You can also ask them to share their experience on social media and with their contacts.

Increased Sales

As a business owner, your goal should be to get as many sales as possible. The quickest way to boost sales is by increasing the number of site visitors. And, a high-quality online review campaign will increase the number of site visitors by getting your potential customers to leave a review. 

A study conducted by BrightReviews found that a page with at least one review received 12% more clicks than a page with no reviews. That means that every page with at least one review is 12% more likely to turn into a sale than a page with no reviews. There are many ways to get more reviews on your site. 

One of them is by having a dedicated team of employees who can help you find and collect reviews from customers. In this case, you will be missing the opportunity to get reviews from new customers and get their trust by leaving a review for your business. It is best to outsource this task to professionals who can help you collect reviews from your target audience.

Improved SEO

An effective SEO strategy is vital for the long-term success of your online business. With the help of an online review campaign, you can improve your SEO for years to come by making your site more credible and trustworthy. 

A study conducted by BrightReviews found that pages with at least one review received a 12% boost in their SEO score. That means that you can use a review campaign to get your page to the top of Google’s search results. 

If you promote your page on social media platforms, most of your followers will leave reviews and create backlinks to your website. This will get your page ranked and get you noticed by the right people.

Easy to Use

If you have a blog, the biggest advantage of offering product reviews and ratings is that it has a simple and easy-to-use format. You can start collecting reviews right away and collect them in a few weeks. 

Another advantage of collecting online reviews is that you don’t have to invest much money to start collecting reviews. Some businesses pay for reviews, but you can also collect reviews for free by offering a discount or a free sample. 

You can also use review collection methods such as email campaigns and autoresponders. However, these are not as effective as a dedicated review campaign that collects reviews from your site visitors.

Better Conversion Rate

High-quality product reviews will help you improve your conversion rate by increasing the number of leads and sales that come from your site. 

The conversion rate is the percentage of site visitors who sign up for a sale or become a customer after visiting your website. You can use an online review campaign to improve the conversion rate of your eCommerce site. 

Online review collection has a lot of benefits for your conversion rate. You can choose a review template that encourages your visitors to leave reviews and encourages them to purchase from your store.

More Trustworthy

Choosing an online review campaign is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. You should always aim for high-quality content and honest reviews. 

This will help you build trust with your potential customers and get more sales from them. There are many scams and fake review sites on the internet. 

You need to be very careful when choosing a review campaign. This is not an easy task since there are thousands of review sites on the internet – it’s nearly impossible to find the right one!

Disadvantages of Online Review Campaign

Time Consuming

Creating a good review campaign takes time. This is inevitable, as building a large and engaged audience takes time. You will need to create new content and publish it regularly to keep the audience engaged and growing. 

This can be time-consuming and challenging if you are a startup business that needs to focus on growing fast. Besides the time spent creating content, you will also need to do some research to find potential customers and inspire them to write reviews about your company. 

You will also need to find reviewers who are willing to be part of your campaign and offer positive reviews about your brand.

Requires Thorough Research

If you are planning to start an online review campaign, you need to do some thorough research. You will need to find review blogs that match your business’s objective and target audience. 

This can be challenging, as you will have to look through hundreds or thousands of blogs to find the right one. Once you have found the right blogs, you will need to find the right posts that you can use to create your campaign. You will need to find the right topics for your reviews, choose the right images and write the reviews correctly to attract more visitors. 

If you are planning a larger campaign, you will need to create a strategy to grow your audience. This will mean creating content regularly, sharing your campaign on social media channels, and inviting bloggers to join your campaign.

Requires Technological Literacy

You will need to be technologically literate to create successful online review campaigns. You will need to create new posts regularly, make social media campaigns, and find new authors to join your campaign. And all this will happen on a WordPress blog, which requires a bit of technical literacy. 

If you are a startup that is focusing on growth, it is a good idea to hire a WordPress developer to help you with the technical aspects. You can also invest in learning WordPress to speed up the process.

Fake Reviews

It is important to know that most review blogs don’t accept paid advertisements or fake reviews. Most of the time, you will see bloggers using fake reviews to make money. 

Be careful about that, and try to find a blogger who accepts only genuine reviews. You will also need to make your campaign ethical. You can’t ask bloggers to write something that is against their will. For example, you can’t ask them to write a bad review, or you will be violating the blogger’s terms and conditions. 

Many laws and regulations govern online review campaigns. It is important to know the rules and follow them to avoid getting into trouble with your business.

Is it Worth it?

Running an online review campaign is worth it if you have a lot of customers who have left reviews, and you want to build trust in your brand even further. Having a large number of reviews on your site will boost your SEO rankings, improve the trustworthiness of your brand, and attract new customers who see the reviews on your site. 

You can also use the reviews to address product issues, correct factual errors, and improve conversion rates.


Online reviews are a great way to build trust with your target audience. If you are looking for the best online review blog to work with, you can check online rankings, read their reviews, and decide which one to work with based on your business goals. 

With an online review campaign, you can extend trust in your brand, improve your SEO rankings for your website, and boost traffic by attracting new customers who see the reviews on your site. 

With these advantages and disadvantages, you can tell that having an online review campaign is a great way for your brand to grow and gain more customers, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

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