How to Tell If an Online Store Is Legit or Not

When it comes to shopping online, it’s natural to be a little wary. After all, you can’t see the product in person or try it on before buying, which can make things feel a bit risky. That being said, there are so many great online shopping options that also offer [...]

All Online Product Reviews Can Be A Good Thing

The digital age has brought with it a new way of thinking about brands and their place in our lives. Thanks to the prevalence of social media, online reviews, and e-commerce, it’s now easier than ever for consumers to learn about and purchase new products.  And while this has generally [...]

Why Online Reviews Matter

Online reviews have become one of the most important tools that consumers use when making purchasing decisions. According to a recent BrightLocal study, 84% of respondents trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and 74% said that good feedback makes them more inclined to utilize a local company. There [...]

The Definition Of Online Reviews And What It Can Do To Your Business

As digital word of mouth is gaining prominence with each passing day, businesses are taking various measures to ensure that the company’s services and products are spoken about positively online.  With this in mind, online reviews have become a cornerstone in the reputation management process – and for good reason. [...]

What Is Online Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews are a way for customers to share their experiences with a company or product. Customer reviews can be positive or negative, and they provide valuable feedback for companies. Positive online reviews can help promote a company or product, while negative online reviews can damage a company's reputation. [...]

Online Reviews: How to Get Them, Track Them and Use Them to Improve Your Sales

With internet usage on the rise, online reviews have become a primary source of information for consumers looking to purchase new products or services.  With so many online review sites available, your business must stand out from the competition. Creating an effective and useful online review strategy can help you [...]

Two Sides of the Coin: Pros and Cons of Online Reviews

Online reviews are like the love child of trust and transparency. When they’re done well, they align with our values and help customers make informed decisions about who to do business with. When they’re done poorly, it can feel like the world is out to get you. But what if [...]

Online Reviews are a Powerful Tool for Businesses

People trust online reviews as much as they trust their friends and family when making decisions. That’s why businesses of all types have been investing heavily in getting their brand out there, whether it’s through social media, paid advertising, or other means.  However, with that comes a level of scrutiny [...]

Top 6 Ways Online Reviews Can Impact Your Sales

The online review site landscape has changed a lot in the last few years. There are now thousands of niche sites, as well as general sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp, that allow users to rate businesses and services. Many of these sites are focused on a specific type of business [...]

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